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A fresh narrative for the AI-powered world

Why Soul?

In today’s digitally-enabled workplace, the keys to success are deeper than mere strategies and technologies. They lie in activating the heart and soul of your business – your people, your values, and your purpose.

McKinsey research found that 70% of employees surveyed said their sense of purpose is largely defined by work, emphasizing the significant role work plays in defining an individual’s sense of purpose ​​.

Do You Need to Elevate Your Customer and Employee Experiences?

We understand that creating standout customer experiences starts from within. It’s not just about ownership; it’s about passion, engagement, and connection. Your values and purpose shouldn’t just be words on a wall; they need to be the living, beating heart of your organisation.

Discover the Opportunities in a Digital-Hybrid World

The digital era presents unique challenges, but also unprecedented opportunities. Let’s explore how you can leverage these to not only meet but exceed your business aspirations. Our latest innovation is our Achieving Clarity and Influence development programme, designed specifically for leaders in project-based organisations such as IT and software development. This programme equips you with practical tools and strategies to enhance your communication, engage your team, and drive project success. Through interactive workshops and ongoing support, you’ll learn to distil complex concepts, embrace cultural differences, and lead with confidence in both digital and in-person environments. Join us to transform your leadership approach and achieve exceptional results for your organisation.

“The best part of the programme was the chance to practice, receive feedback, and follow up on progress. It’s made a huge impact on how we communicate and collaborate across our teams.” – Lili, SVP Engineering, Progress Software.


Our brand new handbook, ‘The Mindful Communicator’, is an essential guide for helping people thrive in a digital-hybrid world. It offers practical insights on how to enhance connection with

your deeper self and with other people, ensuring they are meaningful, impactful, and soulful.

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Join the Global Movement

Soul Corporations® isn’t just a service; it’s a global movement dedicated to connecting people with the soul of their work, their teams, and their organizations. It’s about creating profound transformation and a lasting legacy.

Optimise Performance with Our Tailored Programs

Whether you prefer online or face-to-face interactions, our purpose-built programs are designed to help you develop optimal performance through a soulful approach to business. We blend the latest digital strategies with timeless human connections, ensuring your organisation thrives in every aspect.

Ready to Infuse Your Business with Soul?

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We can help you develop optimal performance through purpose-built ONLINE and FACE-TO-FACE programmes:


High impact and inspiring online/live interactive keynotes with world class speakers.

Interactive conferences

Developing & delivering global online and in-room conferences to inspire and motivate teams.


Interactive online and live masterclasses packed with action planning guides and tangible take-aways.


Support consultancy to help you get sustained benefit from your programmes.


Retreat experiences for work teams and leadership teams.

Immersive experiences

Intimate encounters with the inner voices of customers and colleagues to drive insights.

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Lead with soul

Great business leaders often have soul. People who ignite emotion and purpose in others. With the ability to juggle people, brands, experiences, products and services.

Customer experiences with soul

Values-driven people devoted to delivering high-value customer experiences.  For both external and internal customers.

Balance high-tech with high-touch.

Presentation Coaching for impact & presence

Be an authentic and persuasive communicator. Let your audience connect with the real you. Be confident to tell stories. Ditch the copious and slumbersome slide decks.

Live with soul

Experience living and working in a more ‘soulful’ way.  Connect with the deeper parts of yourself and with others.

Express your true self.

Soul Corporations® is a global movement that finds and connects with the soul of people and businesses. Through our unique process, people connect at a deep level to their own soul, the soul of their team and their organisation.

This connection delivers profound transformation that is instantaneous and sustainable. The result can be a quantum leap in performance.

Soul Corporations® creates deeper levels of personal motivation, transforms the customer experience and builds high-performing teams and leaders who drive your business forward… with soul.

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