Happy Halloween & All Souls! Here Comes The Mindful Communicator…

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From March 2020 thru 2022, we embarked on a research programme to explore the role of human soul in the modern digital-hybrid organisation. Through one-to-one interviews with 70 key chairs, executives and professionals of influence followed by interactive forums took this number over 100 as we examined:

  1. What is soul? What is soul in business?
  2. Is it becoming more or less important in a digital-hybrid working world?
  3. How do you cultivate soul in the modern workplace?

The attached report is a summary output in the form of a guide you can use to stimulate discussion. This was our first publication, which went public in May 2022 at the Engage Employee Summit.

Our second publication (available here on Amazon): The Mindful Communicator is NEW handbook for helping people get the most out of life in this digital age – to live with more soul. With thanks to Jasmine Fuego and Philip Kanaris of Zendesk, we’ve recently piloted the first online masterclasses in the USA and UK on two of the principles in the book, and had a brilliant response to these pilots.

Please do ping me an email (link at the top of the page) if you’d like to discuss how to meet some of your key cultural challenges with some of these tools, ideas and practices.

Here’s what people have said about The Mindful Communicator:

We desperately need to understand and meet the challenges of performing in the modern digital-hybrid working world; traditional approaches to developing leadership and followership are simply no longer appropriate. This book will help leaders and their teams embrace the behaviours and practices systemically that support diversity, equity and inclusion, make remote working really work, drive successful change, and create healthy, positive and meaningful work cultures that will attract and retain great people…and as a result, deliver top business performance from the inside out. We need new ideas for the new times we are living in. This much-needed book delivers them.

Dr Alan Beggs, Former Olympic Sports Psychologist, Director/Author at The Human Dimension Ltd

I really enjoyed it. I’ve always thought that if you can get just one good idea from a book it is worth reading…this one has lots of practical ideas you can use straight away by seeing the world through both an analogue and digital lens…happy reading!

John Neill, CBE, Chairman of Unipart Group of Companies

I think it’s a superb book. I came at it thinking only of my professional life but was amazed at how the guidance and tools within it relate to our personal lives just as much as our working lives. In an increasingly complicated world rampant with negativity, its so easy to get sucked under, addicted to the things that help us escape or numb, like scrolling on phones, bingeing on box sets, shopping, food, drink…the list goes on and on.

This book is a wake up call about what’s important in life. It’s about being more present and more joyful in our day to day, with loads of exercises and tools to help us along the way. Really practical advice as well as thought provoking guidance and stories. It has inspired me to be more intentional about how I go about things.

Sarah Hood, Global Head of Engagement at Bupa

Cover of the Mindful Communicator book
The Mindful Communicator