The World Happiness Summit and The Mindful Communicator®

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We enjoyed being at the recent World Happiness Summit at London’s Southbank.

In one session U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, gave some compelling insights into the modern challenges of loneliness, social isolation, and the impact of technology on our mental health. He also appeared in a CNN interview where he shared similar messages.

His observations and personal experiences highlight the need for deeper human connections and the importance of addressing these issues within the context of modern business culture. A number of his key messages highlighted the relevance of the seven Mindful Communicator® principles in creating such workplaces.

  1. On the link between happiness and health:
    • Murthy said, “Happiness is intrinsically linked to health… that affects how we show up at work… but it also ultimately has an impact on our physical health.” As leaders, we need to create environments where employees feel fulfilled and connected,
  2. On the consequences of loneliness and isolation:
    • He points out, “issues like loneliness and isolation have tremendous effects, increasing the risk for both depression and anxiety, but also for heart disease, for dementia, and for premature death.” MC principles can help combat these issues by encouraging authentic connections and empathetic communication in the workplace.
  3. On the limitations of economic prosperity for happiness:
    • Murthy notes, “economic prosperity alone is not the key to happiness… we are actually pulling further and further apart from one another.” This reinforces the need for businesses to go beyond mere financial success to cultivate meaningful relationships and community among employees.
  4. On the mixed blessing of technology:
    • He observes that “the impact of social media on their mental health has often been quite negative” and calls for responsible use of technology. This aligns with our principles, advocating for mindful engagement with technology to enhance rather than detract from human connections.
  5. On the personal struggle with loneliness:
    • Murthy shares, “I struggled a lot with loneliness as a child… I felt ashamed.” His personal narrative adds gravitas to the conversation around loneliness, highlighting the universal need for connection and understanding, core aspects of our coaching approach.
  6. On the silence on university campuses:
    • He describes a noticeable decrease in conversation among students, “the volume on the campuses and in the dining halls was much lower” due to digital device usage. This scenario mirrors workplace environments, stressing the importance of cultivating real-life interactions and conversations through MC principles such as being fully present and cultivating mindful interactions through active listening.
  7. On the irreplaceable nature of human connection:
    •  Murthy asserts, “There is no replacement for in-person human connection… We were wired, hardwired to connect with one another.” This underscores our fundamental goal: to reclaim and deepen our innate human connections in every aspect of our lives, including work. To live with soul.

These insights from Vivek Murthy serve as a powerful context and justification for introducing the seven principles of the Mindful Communicator® into modern business culture. They highlight the critical need for practices that nurture wellbeing, empathy, and genuine connection, to drive modern business forward through healthier, more fulfilling, and productive work environments.

Driving business with soul.