Bringing the Human Touch to HR, Employee Engagement, and Training in 2024

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Welcome to 2024! As we navigate an increasingly digital, hi-tech workspace, I want to take a look at the theme of how we integrate heart and soul into your organisational culture. With over 35 years in this field, I want to share four strategies with case study material that highlight the value of human connection amidst our tech-driven world.

Strategy One: Enhance Brand Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

Our transformative work with global software company Progress has demonstrated the power of activating brand values through people in intimate, online, small group coaching sessions aimed at developing a profoundly customer-centric narrative. Leaders in such industries often lead off with technological features and innovations that are focused on product and service delivery, rather than on helping address the key issues that keep customers and potential customers awake at night.

This strategic approach has not only elevated their brand-culture appeal but also helped established their leaders and key professionals and the brand as industry thought leaders, shifting customer engagement from awareness to purchase intention.

“A really fresh and unique way of combining brand strategy, practical psychology, and performance art that has transformed my speaking performance.” Svetlin Nikolaev, Director at Progress.

Strategy Two: Create a Confident, Engaged, Inclusive Culture

Transform needed to revolutionise their approach to support business growth, extending full sales, marketing and account leadership capabilities across their entire team – beyond the domain of two executives. A new people-centric development strategy, infused with on-brand storytelling, personal branding and some of our renowned speaker coaching methods, helped shift the team culture towards a more engaged, united, confident and authentic climate, which has already resulted in greater engagement, ownership and customer centricity across the team.

This new programme was fundamentally human centred. It needed to be with a mixed group made up of Generation X, Y and Z team members:

Key Areas:

  • Crafting emotionally resonant brand narratives.
  • Personalising project value and impact.
  • Fostering genuine enthusiasm and flexibility in idea generation.
  • Cultivating constructive, heart-led improvement.
  • Enhancing personal authenticity and presence.
  • Deepening listening skills and meaningful feedback.
  • Embracing feedback with an open heart.
  • Easing anxiety through genuine connection.
  • Expanding storytelling to touch hearts beyond PowerPoint.

Testimonials: Discover a range of impactful testimonials and videos on our [Presentation Coaching page].

Here are just two…

“A significant takeaway from the coaching for me was learning to silence self-doubt. It was a truly rewarding experience, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn this. The coaching session was all I thought it would be and more. The learning experience was really enjoyable. Nick’s insightful feedback during the practice sessions was incredibly constructive and the ability to pinpoint areas where I could improve and recommend practical tips on how to do so was truly commendable. I was impressed with the way he addressed the specific needs and goals of each participant.” Funbi Afolabi, PR & Marketing Senior Account Manager

‘Soul Corporations created a fully tailored approach for what we needed, and everything was anchored in the real world. They created three real client case studies for our teams to work on, pitch to, and receive feedback from. It was an incredibly useful experience and, more importantly, immensely applicable to real life scenarios.’ Veronica Hannon, Founder & Director at Transform

Strategy Three: Cultivate Mindful Communication in the Workplace

Rooted in the findings of our Business Soul Research Programme with over 100 key chairs, leaders and professionals from five generations, there needs to be an uplift in practices such as those featured in The Mindful Communicator Coaching Programme.

We need to leverage the transformative power of mindfulness and emotional intelligence in professional settings as well as in a person’s private life to counter the alienating impacts of digital toxification.

Hear from Sally, a 32-year manager in retail who experienced profound personal and professional growth, emphasising the effectiveness of our human-centric principles:

“It’s been really phenomenal. I feel like I’ve still got quite a journey to go, and I want to make sure that I’m practicing all the principles all the time, but the learnings that I’ve taken from it such as taking the time to think things through – the whole process has just been fantastic. So I can’t thank you enough, really. It’s been very, very, very useful.”

The Business Soul Research Programme also informed a 9-point Organisational Soul Health Check that can stimulate the identification of the key adaptive challenges organisations need to address.

Strategy Four: Lead Change through People

Our award-winning collaborations with Brighton & Hove Albion FC and Tottenham Hotspur FC are testaments to the power of people-first strategies. Using profoundly human approaches we have seen historic sales increases and widespread recognition for industry leading performance across a range of customer touchpoints and the employee experience, demonstrating how nurturing and positively challenging the human spirit can propel organisational success.

Key Elements:

  • Humanising customer experiences.
  • Shifting to a culture driven by real, authentic values across the organisation.
  • Engaging hearts and minds through interactive and immersive events.
  • Continually refining experiences based on feedback.
  • Adopting training methods that are personally engaging.
  • Fostering a culture of inclusivity and belonging.
  • Leveraging customer and employee feedback to drive innovation groups.

Conclusion and Offers for 2024:

Are you facing some people challenges in HR, Engagement, and Training in our rapidly evolving digital era?

I’m happy to offer a complimentary review session on selected dates in December-January 2024 to help you articulate some practical strategies for the year ahead derived from the detail in these case studies and others.

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Closing Thoughts:

In an era where the excitement around the potential for technology continues to overshadow the importance of the human touch in creating healthy, high-performing cultures, embracing strategies that focus on the heart and soul of human beings is key to creating workplaces where employees feel deeply valued and inspired to stay and contribute their best.

Let’s work together to bring about a year of meaningful change and success in 2024.